Swiss FranQ Strong

Happy Swiss National Day from "Beyond The Moon"! Celebrating the majesty of Switzerland, we're thrilled to present our exclusive collection "Swiss FranQ Strong". This collection, launching on OpenSea, is a tribute to the country's stunning landscapes, supportive government, unparalleled safety, and the steadfast Swiss Franc.

But we're not just celebrating - we're making a difference. Each piece from "Swiss FranQ Strong" isn't just an investment, it's a promise to contribute to a brighter future. We are delighted to offer support to SmartCharity, dedicating resources to the Swiss public school system. Each purchase fuels a child's education, moulding the pioneers of tomorrow.

With an exciting AIRDROP and countless surprises, this isn't just a celebration - it's a revolution. Join us on Social Media for live updates. Be part of this extraordinary journey as we celebrate, invest, and make a difference, while venturing... Beyond The Moon.

Project Beyond The Moon, represented by the legal entity (Copyright, CryptoQorn (Labs) AG), expressly states that the Swiss FranQ Strong is in no way related to, nor should be confused with, the legal tender known as the Swiss Franc. Furthermore, it should be understood that Swiss FranQ Strong is not recognized as legal tender within Switzerland and cannot be used for transactions within Swiss society.

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