Beyond the Moon: The CryptoQorn Voyage
Imagine life as a cosmic lottery, a dance we didn't choose to join but are inherently a part of. We're born on this stage known as Earth, nurtured by parents we didn't choose, and schooled in systems that often overlook our boundless childhood curiosity and untapped potential.
Our Humble Start
We start our saga on the familiar turf of Earth, bound by the constraints of a flawed system. A world where capitalism run amok leads to climate chaos, endless wars, and deadly pandemics. As society stumbles, we retreat into the digital realm, seeking a balm for our collective angst in the flickering pixels of social media.
Yet, amidst the turmoil, our world gives birth to something extraordinary. Creators, innovators, stars of screen and sound, channel their turmoil into their craft, reflecting our shared struggles.
And somewhere in the chaos, we find our North Star - the innovative blockchain beacon, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), reminding us to "APE IN PEACE" and reach for the stars.
The Moon: Not the End, but the Beginning
But why stop at the stars when we can go beyond? Our sights are set further than the moon, the symbolic target of many a crypto dreamer. Our journey takes us even further, to the exciting frontier of a new world - planet CryptoQorn.
The landscape of this crypto universe is littered with the wreckage of countless SHITCOINS. It's a wilderness that needs taming, a mission that we're destined for - providing clear, ethical guidelines to navigate the exciting but tumultuous world of Blockchain and BDAI.
The Final Frontier
For such an ambitious journey, we need a crew of unparalleled expertise. We've rallied the best in the business - wizards of Blockchain, maestros of DeepTech, and adepts of AI. Led by our fearless space captain, UniQorn Strong, and armed with connections to global WEB 2 and WEB 3 industries, we're on a single-minded mission: Planet CryptoQorn.
As we traverse this unknown realm, we bring with us time-honored work ethics and values, blending them with cutting-edge technologies to create a vibrant global learning community. Our goal is to spark MEGA GROWTH within this community and support the Blockchain and BDAI industry.
The driving force behind this epic journey is none other than CryptoQorn Labs AG of Switzerland, a titan in the blockchain industry. But this isn't just a voyage into the vast unknown; it's a mission to transform the cosmos itself.
"Beyond the Moon" isn't just a phrase; it's a vision, a call to embark on a journey unlike any other. Are you ready to take that leap? The countdown has begun. The era of change is here, and our cosmic destiny awaits. We're going beyond the moon, and we're taking you with us.
Why Should I care ?

Why should you care? Beyond the Moon is not just a team, but a collective of trailblazing Blockchain and AI visionaries reshaping the technological landscape. We're not just staying on top of change, but driving it, disrupting norms, and crafting new frontiers. Our social media platform, helmed by MBCG UniQorn Strong, fosters a dynamic learning community, bridging gaps between traditional work ethics and cutting-edge blockchain innovation. But it's more than that. With our proprietary blend of technology and Real World Asset IP, we're revolutionizing the NFT space with SmartNFTs, shaping a groundbreaking ZKT Ecosystem that ushers in a new era of digital asset management and CeDeFi. We're not just redefining decentralization, we're fusing it with traditional finance in an unprecedented way. By engaging with Beyond the Moon, you're stepping into the nexus of dreams and reality, where the boundaries of innovation are endless. You're not just observing the future - you're becoming a part of its JOURNEY.